Getting Started

Here is described the basic knowledge to start using Mintacoin's API


In this section, you'll be introduced to Mintacoin’s world, which is an API REST. The API access is made through the standard HTTP protocol using response codes, authentication, and verbs. Mintacoin has a predefined set of URLs, and any information requested to the specified location will return JSON-encoded responses.
For more information about API REST, check out this API RESTful Tutorial.

Working with Mintacoin's API

Mintacoin will provide you with a single REST API which acts as a software layer interacting with the Stellar Blockchain. You'll be able to use crypto accounts, assets, and payments, but before hopping on this you'll need to get the authentication token that identifies you as a Mintacoin customer. However, if you already acquired your token, skip this section and explore the API Reference to start playing with crypto and web3.

Get your access

In order to grant your access to the Mintacoin API endpoints, an API token is required. For more information please refer to the Authentication section.

About endpoints

An API endpoint is a path that identifies a unique Mintacoin resource: account, asset, and payment. The path of the endpoint differs depending on the type of resource, but you need to attach the URL:
In the following table are listed some of the most common and main endpoints of Mintacoin:

Create an account

To start managing your assets and payments, it is necessary to create an account. For this operation use the Accounts resource. By calling the Create Account endpoint you will receive all that you need to manage an account in Mintacoin.

Create an asset

To create an asset an Account is required. You can use the Assets endpoint resource for this purpose. By calling the Create Asset endpoint with your Account information, you'll receive the data about the asset to start using it.

Create a payment

To create a payment you must have two Accounts and the information of the Asset. To do this, you need to use the Payments endpoint resource.

Endpoint response

When an HTTP request to one of the Mintacoin endpoints is successful, you'll receive a response with the following structure and information:
"data": {
"status": 200 | 201

Response parameters

The params in the response are defined in the following table:
Contains the data returned by the endpoint you're accessing.
HTTP response status code.