General info about Mintacoin
Mintacoin is a minimalist and open-source API, it abstracts the blockchain complexity by providing a simple and reliable infrastructure layer to mint your crypto assets and process payments with them.

Base URL

Currently, Mintacoin offers a Sandbox URL which is useful for testing and getting started with the API. The transactions are sent to the testnet instead of the mainnet in the supported blockchains.

What can you do with Mintacoin?

Mintacoin will provide endpoints so you can:
Mintacoin operates on the Stellar blockchain, you only have to worry about two custom keys, we'll give you: an address and a signature. 👌


The adoption of Web3 implies technical knowledge specific to each technology, ecosystem, or protocol. This results into:
  • High technical complexity.
  • Time and effort.
  • Slow time to market, therefore high development costs.
Mintacoin aims to solve these current Web3 issues!

Why Mintacoin?

Web3 needs additional infrastructure layers to simplify the user experience (UX) using blockchain technologies.
Mintacoin provides a simple and reliable software layer, so people can focus on their core business and not on the issues previously described. 🚀

What do we want to achieve?

  • Accomplish the adoption of Web3 technologies for developers by proposing interaction with a REST API rather than a blockchain.
  • Reduce technical complexity, costs, and time in the crypto assets market.